Hi 👋 welcome to my digital house!

I know, it's hard to pronounce 'Dzakyesa' 😂, just call me Dandy!


These are my work. It varies from product design, UIUX design, branding, and more. Yup, I'm a designer!

2020 - AIESEC International
2021 - Biometric Indonesia
2021 - App Concept
Other Design
"Dandy proved to be a very skilled designer with an incredible eye for detail and a work ethic, team spirit and flexible, solution-oriented attitude that makes him a great asset for any team needing a "rockstar" for content creation or branding, rebranding or design projects."
Rares Man
Former Global Director, Marketing at AIESEC International
He was always seeking new solutions to automatize our processes. Thanks to the fantastic analytical skills, he gave great insights and new ideas during our meetings, which contributed to improving our content. I would recommend Dandy to everyone looking for a person with analytical and design skills.
Anna Jasiakiewicz
Social Media Manager

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