Biometric Indonesia


Biometric Indonesia is an Indonesian psychology consulting firm that helps people find and maximize their talents by analyzing subconscious processes of human behavior based on biometrical data.


In the world of unlimited access to information, they believe that a purposeful brand and integration with technology are the way to stand out and get closer to their customers and partners. A brand that can reach more audiences and help more people finding their best version of themselves.


After interviewing the brand owner and explore its idea, the project starts by defining its brand that leads to three main words: human, community, and talent. These three words are my direction for exploring the brand and finding the right way to present the company values in the design language. Then I look up to their existing customers, partners, and competitors to map the market trends and find the brand's unique point of view.


Biometric Indonesia's concept lies in their motto, 'Unleash your inborn potential.' the fingerprint-shaped logo represents a person's unique identity. Simultaneously, the overall logo shaping either heart or butterfly means that every person is different and has their unique way of changing the world into a better place to live.

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