Dandy Dzakyesa

Bandung Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s Degree, Industrial & Product Design

(Aug 2017 – Present | Final Year )



Head of Marketing Data Analyst, International

(Jan 2020 – Aug 2020 | 8 mos)

AIESEC is the world’s leading youth-run organization that existed across 120 countries and territories.

Working voluntarily with the Global Office of AIESEC under Digital Marketing Departement with a team consisting of 30 diverse individuals around the world. Analyzing and managing social media with followers more than 92,3K on Instagram; 1,1M on Facebook; 283K on LinkedIn. 

Lead Brand Designer, International

(Mar 2020 – Jul 2020 | 5 mos)

Working remotely with the global office in creating new design elements and redefining the way that AIESEC Brand is being communicated to the world.
My responsibilities are design research and creating the new worldwide brand and design guidelines including new products logo and design assets.

Graphic Designer, International

(Oct 2019 – Jan 2020 | 4 mos)

Project Head for Instagram Stories: Developing and Implementing new design and marketing strategies for Instagram Stories.

Local Director of Marketing, Indonesia

(Feb 2019 – Jan 2020 | 1 yr)

Developing and implementing marketing strategies both for physical and digital channels. Managing social media and raise followers to more than 10,7K on Instagram; 10,9K on LINE; 4,4K on Facebook by the end of the term.


Design Product |  Technology | Marketing | Leadership | Drawing | Videography


Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator |  Davinci Resolve | Final Cut Pro | Fusion 360 Blender | Figma |Google Analytics | Office 365 | Keynote


Ideation | Responsibility Input | Futuristic | Relator

*Based on Gallup, Inc. CliftonStrengths talent assesment.


Bahasa Indonesia | English | Deutsch



@2020 Dandy Dzakyesa | dandy.dzakyesa@gmail.com


@2020 Dandy Dzakyesa | dandy.dzakyesa@gmail.com